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I'm a graphic designer and artist based in the midwest, having 18+ years of experience in branding, marketing, print and web design. My industry background includes having worked in: marketing & advertising, commercial printing, screen printing, front-end web design, social media & web graphics, photography and photo editing/retouch, color correction, variable data, and training of peers in design. Over the years I have designed for a variety of businesses and in most every industry from non-profits, healthcare, financial, auto, religious, law enforcement, manufacturing etc. etc. I consider my area of expertise to be with print design and visual marketing with start ups, non profits, and small to medium size businesses, providing Professional, Quality, Affordable and Creative Design services.

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➲   What's involved in the design process?

  • Design brief: Detailed information about project with all relevant content provided. ie. text, images, charts, graphs etc.

  • Research: Researching a clients industry and competitors is helpful towards design process.

  • Brainstorming: I take all the notes I have gathered about your company and begin to brainstorm ideas and start sketching my thoughts to paper.

  • Develop: Converting my favorite ideas and rough sketches into clean and proportional designs.

  • Client review: Concepts are then sent to you for proofing. Once a design is chosen, we then discuss any necessary modifications.

  • Finalizing: When a design is chosen and finalized, balance of payment will be expected. After I receive payment, you will be sent the appropriate files for print and web use, as well as a receipt of purchase.

➲   How long do projects take to complete?

The time frame for project completion will vary based on your specific needs, delivery of content and response to proofs and request, in addition to my existing work load. To give you a rough idea, I usually try to turn a 1st proof on print design in 4-7 business days. Proof turn time on web design can very from 14 to 30 business days or more. Every effort will be given to provide you with a fast turnaround.

Prompt feedback for initial design and subsequent revisions is necessary to keep project delivery on time.

While I can often accommodate tight project deadlines, I usually recommend not rushing the creative process whenever possible.

➲   How many revisions do I get?

I offer up to 3 revisions FREE on most print work, subsequent revisions will be billed on a hourly basis (minimum time charge of 15 minutes). Larger design projects, web design and image editing/photo retouch number of FREE revisions may vary, this will be on a project by project basis.

➲   Why should I partner with JosephScottDesign?

This is for only you to decide, but I can offer the following conveniences of working with me:

  • I have 18+ years of professional design experience, having worked with hundreds of clients from varying industries.

  • I approach projects with a mindset of quality over quantity. Cutting corners or rushing jobs isn't my thing.

  • Your project won't be juggled around between designers.

  • You will be working with me directly rather than have to communicate with multiple persons.

  • Your designs won't be outsourced, crowd-sourced or subjected to any unscrupulous practices.

  • I strive to offer prompt, concise and detailed communication.

  • Your designs will be custom-made rather than simply copied from stock graphics.

  • My pricing is fair considering my level of experience and ability. I strive to stay within your budget.

  • I believe good design should not just fill space, it should communicate to the target audience. It should only contain elements essential to the message.

➲   What means are best for communicating?

Email is preferred because it's non disruptive, allows for well thought out dialog, sending of images, and is a convenient method of recounting a discussion.

Because of solicitors, I choose not to display my phone number on this website; though I provide it freely after initial email contact.

➲   What if I don't like the design provided?

My policy is pretty standard. I require a non refundable deposit on all projects. If in the unlikely chance you are not happy with the design work that is presented to you, you have the opportunity to walk away or purchase additional work hours.

I believe this method is most fair because it splits the risk between designer and client. In the many years I've been working as a designer I've never had a client walk away empty handed or unsatisfied. You will received what in my opinion is professional, quality design. Though of course taste is subjective.

➲   What form of payments do you accept?

Cash, check or money order are all acceptable forms of payment. I am currently not set up for credit card payments.

➲   Will you price match other designers?

Price matching only works for items that are identical. Since no two designers or projects are the same, it's not really fair to demand "So and so only charges $200 for a logo design, why cant you?"

There are various reasons why one designer may charge $100 for a design, and another charges $300 (ex: time spent on projects, level of experience and expertise, quality of product/service, etc). It is up to the client to determine said value based on a designer's past work, their capabilities, level of communication, etc.

➲   How do I receive my final files?

Your final design files will be emailed to you after complete payment has been received. If for some reason the files can't be sent via email (i.e. file size too large), then there is always the option of FTP or Dropbox. If you prefer files be mailed on CD, there will be a $10 charge.

The file types/formats received depend on the type of project. Logo files for example, will be emailed in eps and/or pdf format; both of which are scalable and printable documents that can be edited by any graphic designer or print shop using industry standard software. If you require web versions of your logo, they can be provided as well.

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